Intruder Alarms

March 18, 2015
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int1It has never been more necessary to protect your home or business from the material loss & emotional trauma caused by burglars & trespassers.

More than 500 000 UK burglaries were reported in 2014 almost half of which were to commercial property

At S & K Projects ltd we have the systems to protect what is important to you.


  • Full survey carried out with system designed to suit your specific needs
  • Wired or wireless systems installed, to minimise disruption
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Pet friendly systems installed
  • Passive detection or magnetic contacts offer ultimate protection
  • Solar powered sirens installed where necessary
  • All equipment is anti tamper by design
  • Forget to set the alarm? APP adapted for smartphone operation available


With a home or business being burgled each & every 40 seconds, can you afford not to protect your goods & possessions?


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