Energy Efficiency Lighting Survey – Residential

Why should you switch to Greener lighting within your home ?

Strict legislation is redefining our lighting requirements. Understanding the requirements & making the right decisions will have an impact on you legally, environmentally & financially.

The EU has defined an Implementing Measure on Lighting. It phases out non efficient lamps, ballasts & control gear.

Let S & K Projects Ltd assist in future proofing your home whilst saving you money shutterstock_205273906 lightbulbs


ECO-FRIENDLY-LIGHTINGLets take an average residential kitchen diner as an example :

Lit for 4 hours per day

Existing : 12 no 50 watt dichroic down lighters874 KWH pa432 KG of CO2 pa£ 131.10 pa @ 15p per unit
Replacement : 12 no 7 watt LED spot lights122 KWH pa60 KG of CO2 pa£ 18.30 pa @ 15p per unit

Achievable savings by switching :- £ 112.80 pa 752 KWH pa & 372 KG of CO2 pa

S & K Projects Ltd would be delighted to visit your home to carry out a free review of your lighting & energy usage

Followed by a report demonstrating how you can become more energy efficient together with the savings that can be made