Commercial Relamping

March 18, 2015

How much does it cost to change a light bulb ?

office-lighting-166An often asked question, and one that S & K Projects Ltd are well placed to answer.

A major lamp manufacturer carried out a survey in 2012 & came up with the labour cost of changing a lamp under normal commercial conditions to be an average of £5.00 (excluding the lamp) for a one off change.

This took into account whether a maintenance engineer attended, or a solicitor’s clerk stood on a chair.


Moreover did you know lamps deteriorate over time producing less light (up to 70% less) but the fitting still burns the full energy , so a fitting operating at 30 watts could be costing 70 watts.

A much more economical way of doing it is to change a complete area at the same time

The following benefits are achieved :


  • Labour cost drastically reduced
  • Light levels & lamp colour become uniform,
  • Light degradation reduces, delivering more light
  • Energy efficient lamps installed to reduce costs


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