Do you Trust a Tradesman?

Clothing giant Helly Hansen recently commissioned a study to find Britain’s most trustworthy tradesmen.

The results duly confirmed that electricians are top of the list, & that appearance really does matter :

The study focused on more than 2000 Brits, examining modern perceptions

of todays tradesmen, the findings revealed most trusted electricians, followed closely

by window cleaners and then plumbers, however scaffolders glaziers & tilers still

have a lot to do, finding themselves at the bottom of the trusted traders list.

The research bore out the belief that appearance really does matter.

58% of people were more likely to hire someone wearing a uniform, more over

40% think that wearing a uniform enhances the quality of job, &

56% thinking a professionally branded uniform enhances the quality of the job further.

When it comes to hiring a tradesman , we place a lot of faith in allowing that person into our homes or place of work, we need to know our trust is well placed.

The way an operative dresses & presents themselves still has a huge impact, & goes a long way to affirming that trust.

As well as boasting the claim to being the most trusted trader, electricians also came out on top when considering manners, punctuality and presentability.

Go Sparks!

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